2018 Calendar of Events

June 3, 2018
    Spring Muster
    Memorial Lake, Woodstown
August 19, 2018
    38th Annual GAFB Wheaton Arts Muster

Smoke Sale

Large collection of sales literature and manuals
Send SASE for list (Fire trucks and cars)
Walter Miller
6710 Brooklawn
Syracuse, NY 13211
Phone 856-432-8282

Iron Men and Tin Hats - Bob Bartosz has a few left 856-468-0866

Mack Fire Trucks 1911-2005 by Mr. "Mack", Harvey Exkert

Ed Hass, a well known historian on Ahrens Fox Fire Apparatus, has released sever CD's
on the history of various fire apparatus. Also, DVD's on FDNY apparatus in action from 1958
to 1980. They all contain valuable information to be useful to you

Ahrens Continental Steam Engines 1905-1916
Ahrens Fox Continental Motor Fire Engines 1911-1919
Ahrens Fox Model M Motor Fire Apparatus
Ahrens Fox Model M-X Motor Fire Apparatus 1925-1931
Ahrens Fox Model V Motor Fire Apparatus
Ahrens Fox Model W Motor Fire Apparatus
Ahrens Fox Model Y Motor Fire Apparatus
Ahrens Fox Factory Delivery Photos 1905-1959
Bickle Fire Engines, Canadian Cousin of Ahrens Fox
San Francisco Great Earthquake and Fire Centennial,

For information send to:
Ed Hass
9315 East Lake Dr
Elk Grove, CA 95785

Email: ehass@yahoo.com
Website: www.affba.org