Previous Winners
Hand or Horse Drawn
Best of Show

1992- Robert McDonald; 1886 Hose Cart

1993-Wenonah Fire Co.; 1904 Archibald Wheel Hose Cart

1994-Neptune Hose #5; 1890 Hose Cart

1995-Buzz and Vi Smithcors; 1890 American Hose Cart

1996-Clayton Fire Co., 1795 Mason Hand Pumper

1997- Upland Fire Co.; 1790 Mason Hand Pumper

1998-Rocky Hill Fire Co.; 1905 Rex Hose Cart

1999-Elmer Fire Dept.; 1853 Howard and Davis Hand Pumper

2000-Upland Fire Co.; 1906 Wirt and Knox Hose Cart

2001-Wissahickon Fire Co.; 1896 Silsby Steamer

2002-Robert and Dave Carter; 1890 Pirsch Hose Cart

2003-Michael Wharton; 1900 American Hose Cart

2004-Whitey and Joy Swartz; 1851 Pole and Hunt Hand Pumper

2005-Union Fire Co., Medford, NJ; 1845 Hand Pumper

2006-Mercerville Fire Co.; 1910 American LaFrance Hose Cart

2007-Clifton Heights Fire Co.; 1764 Newsham Hand Pumper

2008- Mike Wharton; 1900 Wirt and Knox Hose Cart

2009-Ken Buohl; 1886 Button Hose Cart

2010-Steve and Donna Lilick; 1860 Wirt and Knox

2011-William Foxall; 1893 American Hose Reel

2012- William Foxall: 1895 American Hose Reel

2013- Mike Abrams: 1898 Boston Woven Hose

2014- Upland Fire Co. 1906 Wirt & Knox